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The choral singers have their say...


Cant’Ouvèze, Vocal Ensemble at Buis-les-Baronnies, would like to know you better. Have you been thinking about joining a vocal group since a while? Or not?
Better that way, not been waiting too long.

We meet one weekend per month, except for July and August.
Got something already?
That’s great! You don’t need to change days, just drop the other activity which incidentally was starting to bore you !
In 2010 our repertoire consisted of Latin American Sacred music.
Oh, you have difficulties with Spanish?
No problem ! After our concerts in Latin, Russian, Italian and German, this will be a piece of cake !
The rehearsals always start with some technical vocal exercises, which over the years have contributed a lot to harmonizing our voices and overcome the difficulties in our programme.
What do you mean, much too serious?
It really isn’t! The atmosphere is always good humoured, and each weekend we get together with the famous Provencal Pot d’amitié (aperitif). A good occasion to taste a wonderful wine from your cellar or try your original dishes !

I feel you are already part of our group! See you soon! Claude

« Cant’Ouvèze ? Oops, that means hard work »
… And that’s exactly our reputation ! Are people aware that in a choir there is a tendency to sing ? And what is singing, if it is not a pleasure? Yes, we work hard, in order to enjoy even more what we are doing.
So enough of this gossip (actually, the choir leader paid me well to say nice things about you). Delphine

When we go home after the rehearsal, our cheekbones have the shape of a croissant fallen on its back and we must have grown 2 centimetres, that’s at least how much our chests have been pumped up to let the air pass through.
No doubt that we have to work and we often say that Christine Paillard loves to confront difficulties, she conducts with flair up to 6 voices and doesn’t allow even the tiniest mistake, she wants everything to be perfect and in tune and that we listen and re-listen all
the time to our CDs at home, that we arrive on time and that we are always present and and… she is a choir conductor who is sometimes oblivious of everything else, but those who love to sing, will appreciate all the better the difficulties we succeed to
overcome and will enjoy the good result of all this hard work : against all expectations, we will get there and in good spirits ! If you are not convinced, just come and see us ! Annie


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