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Christine Paillard



During her school time, Christine Paillard studied piano and solfège (theory). From 1962 onwards, she continuously studied choral conduction and attended singing as well as musical writing classes. From then, she worked with Philippe Caillard, Michel Corboz,
Oriol Martorell for choral leading, Jean-Pierre Beugniot for musical writing and composing, Helmut Lips, Hélène Roth, Catherine Cardin and Odile Pietti for singing.
In her three year job as a music teacher, she practiced the active methods taught by Aline Pendleton and JosWuytack. At the same time, she studied law and worked as police inspector, from 1973 to 1979.

Her encounter with Jean-François Paillard in 1974 during a master class in orchestral conduction and her working with him since then, lead to a decisive orientation towards choral conduction, at first in Marseille, then in the Essonne (Paris basin) and Provencal
 Drôme. She started giving concerts then in collaboration with a dozen professional orchestras, and most regularly with the Jean-François Paillard Chamber Orchestra.
In 1980, she founded her own instrumental ensemble in Paris, which she lead until 1989.
Accomplished choral and orchestral conductor, Christine Paillard is also involved in choral singing courses, chamber music, both vocal and instrumental, choir leading and vocal techniques.

Christine Paillard lives in Provencal Drôme since 1989. In the same year, Christine founded Cant’Ouvèze, then Luscinia and Calliopée in  2006. She was knighted in Arts and Litterature in 2007 and Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite in 2019.

Nyons, January 18, 2019



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