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Becoming a member of Cant´Ouvèze

Becoming a member of Cant’Ouvèze If you are able to sing in key, accept hard work and a regular presence at rehearsals, Cant’Ouvèze welcomes you.

The Ensemble recrutes new members at the beginning of the school year. The balance between voices will always be taken into consideration.

Rehearsals take place one weekend per month, except for the summer holidays (July-August) in Nyons and at the Collège in Buis les Baronnies. Weekend rehearsals are preceded by an evening rehearsal for each voice.

Subscription: 120 euros per year.

Contacts :

Choir leader Christine PAILLARD
  26110 Nyons
Telephone : 0618921182
E-mail : info@christinepaillard.com
President of the Association Cant'Ouvèze Gérard MOOG
Secretary of the Association Cant'Ouvèze Eliane HUSER



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