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Cant'Ouvèze, who is it?

An adult choir:

50 choristers from all professions: : Farmers, shop owners, teachers, doctors, craftsmen, website builders etc… …

Our choristers come from 18 municipalities in Provencal Drôme and neighbouring Haut Vaucluse.

Adults mostly that never sang before get a thorough singing training:

Weekendly rehearsals, once per month, even in school holidays. Except for the summer holidays.

Vocal technique at every rehearsal, and each separate voice a monthly rehearsal just preceding the rehearsal weekend.

Eventually a regular (personal voice and level) evaluation.

Large diffusion:

Concerts are given in the Drôme, the Vaucluse, the Gard, Paris and the Parisian region, Monaco and even Canada…

We participate in local events:Twin town activities, representing Buis les Baronnies elsewhere, important festivals…

We participate in humanitarian actions.

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